The island of Caprera

The La Maddalena archipelago consists of 60 smaller and larger islands off the northeast coast of Sardinia. the national park was established as the first in Sardinia in 1996. And it can be reached by taking a ferry in Palau. In addition to the only island of Maddalena continuously inhabited since 1770, we must mention Caprera, which can be reached by the Passo della Moneta bridge.

Once you arrive at the port you are in the middle of the main town which we recommend to visit (soon we will take you on a virtual tour) and go for a walk on the island of Caprera.

It is the second largest island of the archipelago and is connected to the Maddalena by a bridge of 600 meters built in 1958.

The island is famous as the last residence of Giuseppe Garibaldi. The White House that you can visit is where he lived there for 26 years before his death in 1882, as indicated by the clock and calendar of his room. 

In zone A, under a fully protected regime, fishing is forbidden. This is the case of Cala Coticcio, the ‘Sardinian Tahiti’ which is absolutely worth visiting via a path or by sea (one of the favorite stop-over for sailors) and the marine area between Punta Rossa and Isola Pecora. 

Soon we will also give you a virtual tour of the archipelago by the sea and show you where you can go and what to do. Stay tuned!