Seastainability awareness

As sailing company our main goal is to protect the environment and our oceans. Spending most of our time out at sea it breaks our hearts when we see how the flora and fauna has changed dramatically. Said that we always have a positive approach. Here some suggestions to sail ecofriendly. Every drop counts!

Prevent Oil and fuel Spreading. 
Filling up fuel tanks is one of the most common ways that we unintentionally pollute our waters. 

Oil leakage in water do not only affect fish and big marine mammals, but also a large proportion of birds that feed through water. That pollutant penetrates in the plumage and decreases its thermal insulation, increasing the possibility of hypothermia ad making these birds unable to swim or fly.

Carefully, boaters can take steps to migrate the risk of accidentally spilling oil or fuel:
Avoid filling excessively checking how much gasoline your tank can contain;
Fuel your boar when you are at the dock, not while moving on water;
Refuel early in the morning when the fuel is cold and less dense;
Check that there are no spills or fractures in the tank and jerrycans before leaving.

How to drop the anchor without destroing the seabed. 
Preserve rocks and especially the poseidonia

First of all, watch out for rocky seabeds: when anchoring on rock, there is a greater chance that the anchor will get aground (and if you do not have a good diver on board, there will be trouble) and that the chain and the anchor destroy the flora and fauna that live there. Another very wrong action is mooring on the Posidonia meadows (useless mooring, because the anchor will never hold well) but also meadows constitute real forests and are the green lung of our sea.

They are a source of nourishment for fish and crustaceans and consolidate the seabed counteracting coastal erosion.

Black waters and Protected areas.
Our sailing boats are all equipped with tanks for collecting black water.

Also blackwater does affect aquatic environments. Sewage discharge contains pollutants including nutrients, metals, toxins and pathogens. Blackwater discharged from your boat can impair water quality, negatively affect aquatic ecosystems and increase risks to human health. 

Without a system of blackwater discharge you can’t stay at the anchor at night in Protected areas or National marine parks, our yachts has all installed a system to keep them.

Just to give you some dramatic infos:  Discharge from a single boat over one weekend contributes the same amount of bacterial pollution as the treated sewage from 10,000 people. Please take care of it.