Sal’è Porcus pond

Right in the Sinis Peninsula the pond of Cabras shows how land and sea can be endless. This wonderful expanse of salty ground is one of the largest in Europe.

Part of the territory of Putzu Idu, the locally named Sal’è Porcus (Pauli & Sali) pond touched most of the Cabras land and it has a peculiar shape of duck if seen from above. 
Close by there’s a lovely Lodge Hotel where you can camp base for a night and move around with the car to visit the whole area which is lovely, finding Parco dei Suoni and the town of Oristano close by. 

If you are luck enough to find it with blue sky (which as you might know already is quite usual in the sunny Sardinia) you will appreciate this infinite white and blue horizon. 

This area, as most of the greatest natural scenarios of the island ,are protected including the marine wild Sinis costs. There are several moments to visit this spot: During winter/autumn/spring time where the pond will be mostly or a bit underwater and during Summer season looking shining bright.

Among its reeds you can see black-winged stilts, western marsh harriers, common moorhens and western swamphens. Peregrine falcons, yellow-legged gulls and Audouin’s gulls fly around the rocks on the shore.

While you are in Cabras go buy some local Bottarga, it’s the gold food of the region.